Wednesday, August 05, 2009


The first twofor album purchased here ages ago was one by Miles Davis and this is better. Clinton/Clinton, two journalists, take your pick of which two.

The release of the two journalists in North Korea in response to Bill Clinton's visit today extends the idea of President Obama's appointment of Hilary Clinton to Secretary of State. This is an example of President Obama's capability on a global scale. After Bush, we so desperately need that.

I have not been a fan here of older classmate Bill after the early times, but Clinton may begin to demonstrate his bizarre potential after disappointing so many in the White House and fairly consistently after that.

Don't worry, he's no saintly attention seeker like Jimmy Carter, his own arrogant exuberance now could be a positive force. He is what he is, pure politico and smart, but now that he has made a fortune he is doing some good things. The photograph of Euna Lee coming off the plane and moving toward her young daughter is priceless.


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