Sunday, March 14, 2010

John Boehner's missing years

Conservative suburban scratch golfer John Boehner has a demeanor of smug confidence in his obstructionist approach to anything Obama. If asked anything personally negative about Obama he declines comment, is that courteous or subtly confirming. Obama is of course always under intense scrutiny. What about Boehner?

Boehner graduated from high school in Cincinnati in 1968 in the middle of the Vietnam War. He served eight weeks in the Navy before an honorable discharge? What's that all about. He graduated from Xavier University in 1977 with a degree in business, nine years after he got out of high school? What's that all about. Then he got a sales job in a company and became the President in a few years. What? John Boehner is one of the most powerful people in our country and yet Wikipedia and other sources have no information on major parts of this man's life. Anyone that I know in the same age group who received his undergraduate degree nine years after high school had some serious stuff going on, especially with no job history. Was it someone finally coming through, yanking the kid off the no Blacks no Jews golf course, and buying a degree for him at the local same faith university. Perhaps he's a self made man, washing dishes or changing oil and hitting the hardtack nine holes during that time. Who knows? I don't know, just guessing.

We should know.

If Obama had a resume like this, if I were to go so low as to take a right wing radio show polemicists adjectivinal license, a country club elitist pantywaist lemon sucker like Boehner would be all over it. Did I just write that. Boehner's credentials may all be fine but why does the press or the administration not get into this and find out who their leading foe really is. (Check out the latest Wikipedia photo of Boehner in an all white outfit, white shorts, hitting a shot on the golf course in perfect form with his ample middle so obvious --- an obvious populist for you tea party folks)

Postscript: Anyone who has ever spent serious time in Cincinnati knows that it is a conservative or exclusionary place that makes Richmond look liberal, Louisville look far left, and Charlotte look commie. I covered the city as a banker for two years in the eighties and know it well. That place and Columbus, Ohio were the two places that required the golf clubs to be packed if there was any chance of getting new business at all. I could keep it around 90 at the time. That's for everyone but the Cincinnati Carl Lindner folks for whom money was the only quality in life.


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