Friday, June 04, 2010

May we do more than remember John Wooden

In a world where lauded young NBA basketball players have 15 cars and say their goal is to be a billionaire and where massively paid winning college coaches thrive on one year players heading to that goal, what can you say about the stature of John Wooden. From here he seemed to be the role model of personal decorum and skilled professionalism in what he chose to devote his life to --- team basketball and young men's lives. He won with talent and integrity. Even though his team broke my heart in 1975 with his last minute victory over Louisville in the NCAA tournament, I say this. John Wooden should be held in the highest esteem and his lifework should be revalued and revitalized.


Anonymous Robert Bridgforth said...

Well said John.

Robert Bridgforth.

As an aside: Statistics lately say that %60 of NBA players ARE BROKE 2years after retirement and %70 in NFL.

10:35 AM  

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