Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg's "Partnership for a New American Economy"

New York's Mayor Bloomberg has launched a coalition of mayors and business leaders to lead an overhaul of the U.S. approach to immigration policy. So far the mayors of Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Philadelphia have stepped up as have the corporations Hewlett Packard, Boeing, Disney, Morgan Stanley, Marriott, and News Corp. This could be a vital effort to confront the leadership vacuum on this crucial issue.

Immigration reforms appears to be an issue that is too hot to touch for many politicians. With the dysfunction that Congress already represents the Obama administration has the right talk on the issue but none of the walk, as it seems to have back burnered the issue for now as it had spent political capital on the health care bill, the so-called jobs bill, and financial "reform". The dire state of this issue could not be highlighted more than by the fact that even Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp. of Fox News infamy sees the need to take a leadership role with the Mayor.

The group has as a goal finding a path to legal status for longtime residents with undocumented status and determining new legal paths for immigration. A second major goal is to restore the U.S. as a haven for the most creative scientists, engineers, academics, and entrepreneurs in the world such that the country continues to benefit from diverse talents. On this point it can be more bluntly stated as "why do we educate students from around the globe at our best universities and then deny them the opportunity to put their skills to use here".

Leadership on this or other issues is not solely dependent on the Congress or the President and his administration. Some things are too important to be left to their political sensitivities, tedious caution, and subsequent inaction. Immigration reform is begging to be addressed and may this new coalition, the Partnership of a New American Economy, be in the vanguard of constructive change, not as a whiner and a poll taker, but as a real thought leader. Godspeed.


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We should have immigration amnesty. In return for turning themselves in AND turning their employer in too, the illegals get a work permit for three years and then repatriate. This will provide the illegals with a good opportunity to earn some money to take home with them.

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