Sunday, June 13, 2010

What to do with leftover corn on the cob

In the summer I could eat fresh corn on the cob at every evening meal. So, when it's my turn to cook it's usually on the table. Not everyone, however, shares my constant enthusiasm for the yellow stalk which leads to leftovers lonely in plastic wrap in the fridge.

Using this leftover corn in salads or mixed in with other vegetables was not catching up with the supply, so the following has become the new normal of leftover corn usage here.

---Take two to three ears of leftover corn, cut off the kernals, and put in a big bowl.
---Boil one bag of frozen edamame beans for five minutes. Put in colander. Run cold water over the beans in shell. Spend fifteen tedious minutes shelling the edamame beans. Pour into bowl with corn.
---Add one drained can of garbanzo beans from a place like Whole Foods so that there is no sugar in the product, just water and sea salt.
---Finely chop four or five radishes. Add.
---Then comes a cucumber, medium size, cut into chunks big enough so they don't vaporize into fluid.
---If you are at a Whole Foods pick up a small container of their smoked corn with other spicy stuff and blend in. It's next to the guacamole in New York.
---Finely dice a quarter of a red pepper and a quarter of a green pepper.
---Add leftover fresh green peas from last night's dinner or whatever else you think works.
---Carefully add some dabs of harissa to add some spice. More can always go in but you can't get it out.
---Squeeze in the juice of a half lemon.
---Then comes one tablespoon of good olive oil.
---The coup de grace is the same amount or a little more of Paul Newman oil and vinegar dressing.
---Salt to taste and blood pressure level.
(Never put so much oil or juice or dressing in such that the result is the least bit soupy)

Mix well. Put in the refrigerator. That's a healthy bean and corn salad that goes for three or four days, healthy summer fare that can keep the hot fresh corn on the kitchen table guilt-free.

Postscript 6/15 --- Cucumbers should not be soft. They must be firm and the best are those plastic sheathed designer ones otherwise known as hot house or English.


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Is the cucumber comment serious?

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