Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eyes Not Sold stats

Not much attention is focused here on anything but writing from time to time. I was surprised to see that statistics are now being kept by Blogspot and have been for two years.

Those two year stats show that 78% of ENS page viewers are from the U.S. Roughly 3% each come from Canada, the Netherlands, and Russia. Germany chalks in at 1.5% and, in order of numbers, Latvia, Slovenia, the U.K., Brazil, and South Korea all come in at around 1%. Latvia and Slovenia? I've actually been to Slovenia twice which is a fairly weird claim to fame. There is a beautiful lake there whose name escapes me, a lake where Tito had his hideaway mansion. The first time there, so was Tito, and later his 20 car Mercedes caravan interrupted a drive to the Adriatic coast for several hours.

Browser activity is 55% Internet Explorer, 24% Firefox, and 14% Safari, with all others in low single digits. Operating systems are 76% Windows, 10% Mac, 4% Blackberry, 3% IPod, 2% IPhone, and others with miniscule shares.

The geographic data is of particular interest. One would think that it is primarily random hits in foreign locales, or does ENS have a few devotees in Russia or other places where no one knows John Borden.


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