Thursday, September 01, 2011

Power back on, mental health recovering

Finally last night our power was restored. Resetting timed devices is still underway. Sprinkler system is on for no reason, but no harm done as we are allowed to water on the odd days, like the first.

Five days without power was no treat. I went into Manhattan several days to eat fresh food and read in cool places, but that's not the safest way for me to live. Worked out ok, perhaps. Bought too much good take out food than was prudent, took it home and didn't always make the right choices, so some spoiled and my good intentions were ridiculed. What's new.

The financial markets did what they were going to do without me, and tomorrow looks like a mess. At least I can now watch the carnage.

All things said, everyone is safe, all trees are intact, the house is fine, and our favorite take out places are back open - not a bad outcome given some of what happened around us!


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