Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tebow a Jet, a no or a go, not a throw, hopefully not just a show

I clicked the publish button on the last post on Tebow and went back to watching the last seven minutes of Jeremy Lin winning another Knicks game. Lin had scored two points in the first three quarters as he passed the ball to mostly a few inept teamates, J.R. Smith in particular, and got beat up as he penetrated. Carmelo Anthony continues to underperform in a major way, but is well behaved and team oriented under new coach Mike Woodsen. Lin scored 16 points in the fourth quarter to help the Knicks escape with a road victory against rival Philly. He is no longer the hero in the headlights, but look at what he does when it counts. How long can he stand up to the beatings is still my question.

Then back I went to the sports headlines. Aghast, the Jets did sign Tebow. Tony Sporano, the new offensive coordinator who likes wild cats and spread offences, is obviously happy. If anyone can shake the public piousness out of Tebow it will be Rex Ryan. Why, because Ryan has a sense of humor and Tebow projects none of that. Can he lead Tebow to loosen up within a system, still be a creative football player, respect his receivers, and cut back on being a religious show off too.

Real message to Tebow - laugh a little and throw the football better and all will be possible. Keep your beliefs. Keep your charity. Keep more of it to yourself. It's between you and you seem to know who.

This may work. The team chemistry and the fan chemistry are the litmus tests. That's the real wild cat.


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