Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Previous post is not an infomerical

A short while ago I reread the previous post.  I laughed.  It reminded me of the type of semi-news, semi-advertising type of reporting that is most likely found in weekly community newspapers that have a dual role of reporting the facts and promoting the area.  It is also found in the Sunday Long Island edition of the New York Times, in which a restaurant reviewer named Joanne Starkey writes almost exactly in the style of the previous post.  How strange.  Am I channeling Joanne Starkey after 27 years of shaking my head at her reviews.  What happened.

In fact everything that is in the previous post is accurate and is well meant, obviously too well meant.  It is a classic infomercial.  It is staying as is.  I will never do this reporting genre so brilliantly again.  Have I ever used the word "graced" in my life?  Did the black bean soup amalgam that was made for lunch, by me, do this, to me.  Or was it the leftover lamb shank with orzo from last night's restaurant that did it.  It's a mystery.

North Shore Farms is a great and unique place.  The writing needed more edge, and in some ways I purposefully stayed on the path of political correctness when there was a lot to work with.  Oh well.  Maybe tomorrow before the real Thanksgiving spirit sets in, I'll take on Steve Cohen and SAC Capital, a constant target of this blog for its first five years until giving up.  Maybe the truth is near, and that will have an edge.


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