Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Fiscal Cliffdom"

This could well be the new name of the land of the free and the brave, especially if one is masochistic enough to spend much time watching, reading, or listening to the business and financial markets focused media.  I know.  Could some wags also refer to our country's new name as "Fiscal Cliffdumb".  It's not impossible, insulting as that may sound to our exceptionalism.

Daily comments on this issue by politicians, pundits, scholars, op-ed writers, they think that they change market and critical opinion, so serious about themselves.  It is already getting old, with nothing new to say.  It could be suggested that the key "leaders" who are working on this be sent to wherever the Washington related underground bunker is(the Cold War one was beneath the Greenbriar resort in West Virginia), away from the media and their political constituencies, and not be released until they had agreed on a plan.  That would eliminate four weeks of the media interpreting every gesture and nuance of this negotiation, a word used with hope.

With Europe on the cusp of a possibly significant recession, the Middle East needing some references for stability, China having new leadership and some economic/political challenges, it is no time to fall off this cliff as it is called or "kick the can down the road" for six months.  There is too much else to focus on.

That's obvious, so apologies for editorializing. 


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