Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Staley leaves JPM for good

News that James Staley has finally left JPM is terrific.  He was demoted from Investment Banking head in the summer and now is finally out of the place.

Staley was a predecessor JPM person, not too talented but totally full of entitlement as so many of the JPM folks were.  He craved attention and was a complete embarassment when arranged to talk to securities analysts.  He simply was a walking billboard for himself.  I can't imagine the nice things that the hiring company, Blue Mountain or some unknown hedge fund, are saying about him.

God only knows how much it has cost the firm to maintain this seemingly regally connected, or amazing faker to others, incompetent for so long.  13 years of pretend!  Probably cost $200 million over that time, the ultimate example for Obama's generally overreaching distaste for executive salaries.  This guy is such a megalomanaic type loser, can't hardly believe Dimon fell for him for so long.


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