Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Another year? Is 2013 lucky or not?

The years do pass quickly.  I have long had the notion that the personal experience of time is relative to time experienced.  By that I mean that at age 5 a year is 20% of a child's life experience.  Remember those interminable days when it was raining, no playmates around, and parents at work or busy.  Time stood still.

A year in my junior high school was never ending.  The teachers were generally not at all smart and the curriculum was just an exact repeat of everything that had already been learned in elementary school by anyone who even faked paying attention.  It was an exhausting experience, with the exception of basketball season for me.  Those were very long years, representing, 8.4% of relative life experienced.

The interesting thing about this relative experience of time thought is that it means that the majority of one's life as experienced in relative time is spent being young.  The unfortunate or fortunate result of this is that time spent being old is not too long, in fact much more precious.  At age 63, the following year represents a little less that 1.6% of time experienced.  No wonder time flies.

Enough of this gibberish.  2013 looks to be a challenging year with the 13 making one wonder whether to stop on this floor.  Challenging or not, 13 notwithstanding, I aim to enjoy 2013 before it's all of a sudden 2014.  If that's a resolution, it's in the books.


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