Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day, 2014

Certainly it could be said that eight years later, it might be strange that I would be driving around listening to James Booker, William Bell, Meschiya Lake, and "Exile on Main Street"(Sweet Virginia, that has nothing to do with Virginia), and thinking about her.  Probably not of course.  She loved this music as much as I do.  Now I am reading "Sycamore Row" by John Grisham, and his books were ones that she always read.  For me, they are default books, he can tell a tale well, but I am in between the literate and the just completely horrible war stories of non-ficiton that are well written by Dexter Filkins and Mark Mazzeti..

She was attracted completely to Grisham, as she was a legal secretary.  She was in fact much more than that.  The firm, started as Meade Tate and Meade in Danville VA, specialized in both sides of health related cases,  and she became a specialist in writing the attorney's briefs, some of those attorneys not too swift.

She "retired" when she was around 75 when she was tired of the jibber japper of other secretaries.  She was the quiet and serious type.  She continued to work on briefs and be paid by the attorneys, somewhat generously, until she was about 80.  Then the familial dementia began to slowly step in.

She was the person who believed in me.

Happy Mother's Day, born 2/24/20, died 2/26/06.  Still with me.



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