Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tax annoyance and middle east chaos

If I had an hour or more and the inclination, the story could be told about how reading Dexter Filkins seminal 2009 book "The Forever War" and following his voluminous feature writing in The New Yorker and elsewhere over the last four years would have made today's current middle east chaos an obvious outcome to understand.  One could guess that the State Department and the President don't read much, or more likely only choose to believe the boring bearers of the recent past, or even more likely just had their fingers crossed and hoped everything would just stay localized and OK.

Maybe a later time for that.  Today's brief topic is the IRS, and how they are attempting to dun yours truly for thousands of dollars of back taxes from 2012!  They relate to Citibank accounts, supposedly with my SS# attached.  It's really bizarre, but as has been written many places it is typical of Obama appointee lead or mid-level bureaucrats out of control, or perhaps better said in no control(note the VA head example or Katherine Sebelius and perhaps even Chuck Hagel now in action. Would it be politically incorrect to mention the highly compromised "independent" Attorney General Eric Holder.  Of course it would be, but that risk will be taken as it is obvious that Obama's strong policy, political, and personal biases are reflected in Holder's every move).

I have not had a Citibank account since 1993 and K has not had one since the early eighties.  There are no related 1099's.  The time and paperwork being consumed by this IRS mistake is remarkably annoying, and they are slow as molasses with any response, and almost impossible to reach by phone.  It still must be dealt with and my accountant is doing his best to move things along and get an explanation.  What technology was supposed to solve seems not to be working.  Unfortunately, technology does not eliminate incompetent people.

Truth be told, I wish that there was a Citi account in my name that generated the interest that they claim.  In this low low low rate environment, that would necessarily indicate a  huge chunk of change.


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