Friday, July 18, 2014

Market impact now of horrific external efforts

At 3:30pm New York time there are the expected losses in this global imperiled market but not too steep, maybe just like a nice new car or two from backing out of the garage for some entitled folks.  The Ukraine incident is then put on the edges as an accident and the Gaza invasion is being seen as inevitable.  None of this should be seen like this, no business as usual or feeling that we are powerless here. Kind words will not help unless some resolution or compromise is reached in both cases, if not some work at resolutions it will be at our much larger peril. 

There are no answers here yet, will  try to make up some here, will try to make up some as if anyone will listen. There certainly will be answers elsewhere, likely cautiously lame  Any effort by the from the UN is almost always useless, and which almost always produces a group of horrible predators who stand for nothing, and create the prostitution and nightclub business,  and incredibly these highly paid "protectors" have been African mercenaries do not even behind hide their actions.  The UN is widely a cover for misogynist and homicidal behavior by their "troops", in parentheses if they choose to fight or patrol at all. Everyone knows this.  Take Cambodia as a multi-year example of what the UN troops accomplished,  as in creating a low cost young prostitution business and nightclub economy that is their primary legacy.

The U.N. is a useless tool.  It allows over paid people from other jurisdictions to live in luxury in New York with no responsibility.  


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Awesome to see in small clubs, lost in big arenas.

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