Thursday, August 07, 2014

As Obama watches, Kurd defenses wither on border

Following up on earlier posts, news today that ISIS has taken control of the largest dam in Iraq, the Mosul dam, that was being protected by Kurdish troops, and that several predominantly Christian towns and villages near the Kurdish border have also been invaded as Kurdish troops were forced to retreat, the worst outcome possible is becoming a fact.  The Obama administration could have helped in many ways, and  it was asked but it did nothing as was detailed in an the August 4th post here, as well as the fact of the Sinjar takeover at that time.

News reports on Bloomberg indicate that approximately 140,000 people from Sinjar and the Christian villages have fled to safer territory in northern and central Kurdistan, while as many as 50,000 residents from Sinjar are refugees without shelter, adequate food, or water in the mountains that are near that area.  Among those displaced, a resident of one of the Christian villages was quoted on Bloomberg as saying, "At the very least, they would have let us leave with the clothes on our backs and taken our money, jewelry, and car, but that is if they decided to have mercy on us." 


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