Friday, August 08, 2014

Too little, too late, Obama makes impotent effort to help Kurdistan

Heralding their efforts to drop 8000 ready to eat meals and 5000 water containers to 50,000 Yazidi(so much?) Kurdish speaking refugees in the mountains near Sinjar, the U.S. is now making some efforts to bomb ISIS troop positions(details still unclear) that are coming close to American diplomats, consulates, and offices near Irbil, the capital of Kurdistan.  This is so lame after ignoring requests over many weeks from the Kurdish army to give them material aid, no U.S. soldiers were requested, just support against this jihadist group of homicidal Islamist terrorists.  Some Kurdish army groups protecting Christian villages were forced to retreat after running out of ammunition.  ISIS has no such problem, as they have all of the armored Hummers, equipment, and multiple powerful weapons abandoned by the phony Iraqi army that dropped their fatigues under which they wore non military clothing and evacuated positions all over Anbar province,

Still deferring to al-Maliki's limited position of power, Obama is playing this all wrong.  It is hard to imagine that some members of his administration and some of his advisers don't disagree strongly with his approach.  Having worked here in major corporations, it was clear that there could be open disagreements about strategy and actions in discussions, but once the CEO said that his opinion was final, even the most outspoken and highly paid Vice Chairmen and strategic planners would all obsequiously fall in line, and do their best to humiliate their subordinates who continued to raise questions.  There is no reason to think that this is different from the way that the Obama administration works.  There certainly are other opinions there held by intelligent and better informed people than Obama, who cannot be an expert in everything, but in his arrogance he rules all.  Maybe that is not different from other presidents, but one gets the feeling that with Obama his intuitive opinions rule in the extreme.  This may be one of those instances, in the extreme.

We wait day by day to see if his reticence to aid America's longtime Kurdish supporters is fatal.


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