Monday, November 24, 2014

Before Black Friday chaos, there are food pandaemonium days

Good quality grocery stores in much of this area of highly priced real estate are not as expansive as they are in many other parts of the country.  Our two primary stores here are North Shore Farms and Whole Foods.  They both have narrow aisles and more merchandise than space, and parking lots that can require a hike to the store so long that one almost needs a compass(Whole Foods in a lot with other stores), or one that is so packed that it always looks full and requires at least two parking attendants to guide cars in and out(North Shore Farms).

We went to NSF this afternoon in a futile effort to beat the Thanksgiving rush.  The rush has already begun.  I have never so appreciated a  rear view camera and the beeping whenever close to another car.  This was not a normal Monday crowd.  We survived.  Our day tomorrow is already scheduled, and it's difficult to imagine what finishing our shopping on Wednesday will be like.  No, it's not actually.

We forgot to buy milk today and we prefer the bread at Whole Foods.  We hope to go early on Wednesday but it's a guarantee that many others do as well.   On Thursday we hope to honor Costco, relax, and stay in.    Happy Thanksgiving.


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