Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Early nights, balmy weather

Winter that came to many parts of the country did not come here.  We continue to have autumn weather, lots of leaves, mild winds, balmy temperatures, showers from time to time, and it is a great alternative to bad weather.  The time change does make for a really early evening as always, more apparent to us as we often head out on our dinner foraging in the late afternoon.  We may need to adapt as night vision is fine but not a strength as it was when years ago I drove the roads of western North Carolina late at nights at high speed, with complete glee.  I could not in any way do that now.  K does not drive and her night "vision" is no help.

We were just out, picking up some teriyaki salmon and salad components, some string beans for tonight, and basic staples.  We have many loose ends to clear up in the next week or so related to house chores and financial responsibilities.  That requires the organization that comes here in fits and starts.

The photo album dive continues...  E-mails and calls with good friends are a lifeline.


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