Monday, November 03, 2014

"Olive Kitteridge"

This HBO film shown in four one hour segments over two nights was watched here.  It was mesmerizing.  Sitting stoically with rapt attention, the two hour portions delivered last night and tonight did not call out for bowls of ice cream, guacamole and chips, or bathroom breaks.  And the chair chosen is not even that comfortable.

The performances of the main characters were completely believable, at times painful, and at others emotionally touching.  It is not clear if this was an absolute perfect time for this to be viewed here or the absolute worst time.  Regardless of which, it was a time, and its aim was true.  The film was certainly absorbed and understood, understanding underscored by experiences of recent years(a triple under, never done that).  The final segment finished with a moderately uplifting and even humorous sequence that paired the star, Frances McDormand, with Bill Murray.  We viewers seemed to deserve that relief after dealing with so much, and the ending enhances rather than diminishes all that went before.

"Olive Kitteridge" was great television or film or programming, or whatever anyone wants to call it.   


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