Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sunday mornings

Sunday is a different day, a welcome day for many whether one works or not, is retired or active.  In our little town some stores are not open and some restaurants close in mid-afternoon.  The Sunday New York Times is not delivered until 7:30am at the earliest.  If one is not obsessed by football, Sundays are a time to reflect and meet other people.  That is the personal goal and the ideal.

Today is no different with, as we so carefully watch, no weather related interruptions imminent.
News of note here includes:  "Puerto Rico's Pork Perfecto" a rift on a smokey roasted pig; the fact that two "I Love Lucy" reruns, one rarely seen and one always seen, will be on a major network at 8pm here(one of my late mother's favorites); a human interest story, why not "human", in the NYT sports section about an overlooked football player who persevered with his family to make it to the majors, albeit with the dismal 2014 New York Giants;  another as usual supposed "expose" by the limited Gretchen Morgenson in the NYT business section backed up by unheard of sources; news? that China is vastly corrupt; and advertisements that entice me to buy one last ring or necklace for K.  Maybe it's the right time.

On to the gym for K and then to a read of a new book here.  Of course we will go to the nearby grocery store, an almost everyday event due to our foresight, or lack of it. Other never ending shopping events will no doubt take place.  The rain has stopped, the wreath is up, and we are set to go.


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