Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Perils of Facebook

A friend of mine recently signed up my Facebook page for a group e-mail entitled "You Know You're From Danville When...".  Some group of signed up patrons of the site can post pictures, comments, memories, and the folklore of hometown Danville, Virginia for others to comment on.  To the best of my knowledge there is no ability to post here, but there is the ability to "Like" or to post a comment. How my friend signed my Facebook site up for this is a mystery here as he does not know my password, and that is a mystery that I will soon understand, hopefully.  I will ask him to sign me off.

In fact, I have enjoyed seeing the photos that people post about Danville, many of them taken of the way things were in my childhood, or even earlier, and totally different from now.  Today I made the mistake of making a comment, as one post asked "Before the chain grocery stores came to town, where did your parents shop?"  In what I guess was the initiating comment, there was to my mind a minor mistake which will not been explained here, so it was decided here to tactfully suggest that there was somewhat of an error.  Perhaps it was a matter of being politically correct, which led to a cautious statement that I still felt necessary.

Facebook of course then copies one who comments on all of the following comments.  It seems that I was among the first to comment and at this point there have been over 150 e-mails that have come in here, and I continue to count.  Something of concern is that I have tried to conceal my e-mail address on Facebook to only friends, but obviously that was not successful.  Now, the few e-mails that I want to see, and some that I need to see, are buried amid this mass of mail almost totally from people that are unknown to me.  What a complete nuisance.  I have learned a lesson, which is never, never comment on one of these sites.  Being removed from the site completely is necessary, so I am not tempted to make the same mistake again.  Finding out how to not make my e-mail address widespread is a necessity.

"You Know You Are From Danville When..." you are obsessed with the past.


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