Sunday, January 11, 2015

Busy but still much to accomplish

Who would have imagined that our life would be so busy at this point.  From the almost irrelevant "Golden Globes" tonight(humor is a great tonic, go Amy) to the completely irrelevant NBA, NHL, and NFL football games(watched partially), and the relevant to some extent college ones(first college game seen this year was half of Louisville and North Carolina yesterday), time is spent here avoiding some bigger issues for us that we should spend more time on, and by any relative measure already are, and those focusing on the evolving issues related to the extreme Islamists who embrace brutality for their cause and almost unbelievable hostility toward women. They are wretched people.  The "2015" comment here indicated that they would be the devil in our outlook, and that has come true too soon, and is not over.

 For us that lack of focus is not completely true, as finances and security are under control.  Near term we watch the games, eat good food, and wait.  WE ARE CONCERNED.


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