Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Winter Blizzard that Wasn't

All of the media hype here about a winter storm with 65 mile an hour wind gusts and three feet of snow was just that, hype.  We had maybe a foot of snow and it was mostly done by 7am.  There were no high winds whatsoever.

We had at least eight storms like this last winter, and this is first of the season.  It is not a knockout punch, except for the fact that since everyone in business and government seemed to believe the forecast and acted on it.  Most stores were not open, and if they were they only opened in the early afternoon.  The snowplows took a break at about 3am and did not start again until late morning.  So in a sort of self fulfilling prophecy manner, most of the day was wasted.

It was not actually wasted.  There is always work to do here.  It was just that options were needlessly limited.   Don't get this wrong.  We were glad that a terrible storm did not come.  We do wonder how the forecaster and government could have gotten it so wrong.  The poor de-Blasio stumbles once again.


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