Friday, February 06, 2015

Big gap there, but problem with blogspot is fixed for now, be forewarned, "GOOGLE DOES NOT SUPPORT BLOGSPOT"

Now the sidebar of past posts is back up, and the permanent damage to this site seems only to be a huge white space gap between the 11:59 post on Friday and the 6:26am post this Saturday morning. Whether all of the frantic efforts to restore the site here had any impact or not is unknown.  What is known is that after a 45 minute wait on the speaker phone while eating lunch, I finally reached a representative of some type who put me on hold for another 5 minutes(even worse music).   When she came back she informed me that Google "DOES NOT SUPPORT BLOGSPOT".  I repeat "GOOGLE DOES NOT SUPPORT BLOGSPOT'.

Now, as if I didn't have this need already, I urgently need to find a computer expert to look at issues with our computer and to get on the cloud and independently supported.

For those who know us, please call with advice.

In the meantime we will look for the right opportunity to sell our large and profitable investment in Google stock.  I do not invest in companies that I do not like, regardless of their financials.  We will think about this carefully, step back before making a rash decision.


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