Sunday, February 08, 2015

Our area, and how we fit in, or not

Today we went to the major shopping mall in our town one mile away, except that it is not a mall but a large series of shops all outdoors known as Americana(how "perfect" is that now as you will now see). Our destination was Cipollini Pronto for take out sandwich and salad, exceptional little place.  We usually find a convenient parking space in front of "Bottega Venata", what it sells I can only guess.  To the left is a huge "Gucci" store and then a massive "Louis Vuitton" place.

Since we have lived here for 28 years the area is familiar but has changed.  There was once quasi exceptional diner named "Swensons", not expensive and with great soups and tuna sandwiches on rye.  There was a sneaker store and a regular clothes store that sold jeans that cost less than $100, far less.  I order online now, and as K shrinks we need to go elsewhere.  Not Americana, as all of the women's pants are too tight, and I will not embarrass us with a description of her trying to put them on.  Off to Eastern Mountain Sports, REI, or Orvis 10 miles away we go.

Six weeks ago we went the the "Hermes" store in Americana to get a calendar refill for K.  For the 34 years that I have known her she had always carried this same small red, now faded red, leather Hermes calendar book which rules her world, day to day, plus has all addresses, birth dates, somehow she had kept everything in this small book with tiny writing as befits her, some of which she still does.

We went in to the revamped store and yours truly, in my usual jeans, polo shirt and sweatshirt, and sneakers garb, was met by large man and followed, large man was always standing or sitting next to me.

How changed things are.  I have never dressed differently from my casual to my work dress.  I made not insignificant purchases for K's Christmas and birthdays there in the past at this place, at Tiffany's and a few other shops there, wearing just the same.  Now I am to be watched by a bulky man who touches my arm at times?   I did not buy anything, but could buy some things as I once did.  I will not.


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