Saturday, August 08, 2015

The food delivery option

At times we seek out the small group of restaurants that deliver in our area.  They always charge menu prices so the extra expense is in the tip.  There are times when we don't have the time, take the time, or have the energy to cook, and after years of ordering take-out in those situations, and dropping off for a chat at a much wider array of restaurants, delivery is often necessary.  I liked going out for the socializing, but now it is often no longer possible for a variety of reasons.

We get into ruts with these various eateries and then take a hiatus.  One local Italian pizza joint has expanded their reasonably priced menu in the last couple of years.  Their pasta is reliably good, their salad is a classic American iceberg one but always extremely fresh and with roasted red peppers and plenty of olives.  They now have salmon and sole, welcome but not their specialty.  Grilled vegetables could be called that here.  For a month or so we ordered from there a couple of times a week, but recently they have been off the list, too much of a good thing.  That happens, and they will be back soon.

A hybrid Italian, continental, and Central American restaurant nearby has great food and somewhat high prices.  They were almost a hang out for a number of years.  Named Nick and Pedro's, it is run Jose and Victor.  Often they both burst into the house for delivery, patting me on the back and shaking the hand of anyone close.  Their salads are huge and exceptional, and their various seafood offering are all fine, with tilapia livornese with capers, olives, and julienne vegetables often being the choice. Because of the price and the intense bonhomie, we call them just once every two or three weeks. Also two of their best entrees are a steak and a veal chop, but just cooked medium rare meats are not necessarily best for delivery, or they are not.

There is an elaborate Chinese restaurant nearby that calls itself the "best on Long Island", which means that there are plenty of sugary dishes and bizarre combinations that sound good but don't necessarily work here for former aficionados of Manhattan's Chinatown.  Still, keeping it simple works.  Everything is fresh and there are enough non-Long Island "favorites" to do well.  Additionally, given their reviews and their advertising, the prices are reasonable.

One more restaurant that is on our regular list is a pan-Asian one that has some dishes that are unique for this area.  One is sliced almost rare tuna with soba noodles and seaweed salad  Their spring rolls are tops.  Being about nine miles away their delivery time is still faster than much closer places. Over time though much of their food seems to taste the same.  We will have a Wild Ginger splurge for a week or two and then not again for a month more.

We are always reading about other possible options, but this is not a major delivery area.  Our favorite Indian restaurant, which truly is the best on Long Island and compares well to Manhattan restaurants, unfortunately does not deliver and even take-out at the appointed time can be a wait.  As mentioned in a previous post, the wonderful Hummus Place recently closed.

But enough.  Pearl East has just delivered.  Steamed salmon with black bean sauce awaits.


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