Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The seasons turn

The calendar says that it is still summer, and today will still feel like it is.  Irrespective of today's outlook, on this morning the coming change in seasons seemed imminent.  At 6:30am it was still mostly dark and outside there was a damp coolness.  School buses were rattling by on their way to get positioned for their routes.

Morning temperatures are expected to be in the low 60's for the remainder of the week.  There will be big rains coming tonight and all day tomorrow.  The real summer is coming to an end.

As the transition takes place and we begin to head away from the light and the warmth, a brooding reflective time can take hold.  That is both positive and negative.  It's a time to take stock and assess the outlook, but it can also be a time to slip into a period of unsettled dysfunction.  Navigating this particular change of season has always been a conscious effort here, one that may well be a result of the early ingrained back to school syndrome, back to a boring grind.

It's also back to "market" time, and there may be reprieve beginning for these diminished financial markets.  Even a hint of that is refreshing.  Would that it could be part of this year's change of season?


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