Sunday, October 18, 2015

Beautiful autumn day

Even as I wonder why we live in this town that does not represent us at all, the beauty of the place can be stunning.  The trees are all turning into yellows and reds, some still to come.  The air is completely cool and fresh, meaning no more summer humidity for now.  Driving around town listening to music, wishing K was with me, there was Taj Mahal singing "Six Days on the Road" and some other song that was unfamiliar but worked by Johnny Paycheck.   Taj Mahal, familiar back then, saw him with John and others at the Fillmore East with B.B. King and John Mayall in the late 1960's.  What a day that was, getting yelled at with a waiter chasing us out on the street at the 12th street deli for not giving a big enough tip.

This post started with the word "wonder", and it turned into "wander".  I must get K out with me.


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