Friday, October 16, 2015

The Mets are still alive

The Mets won their elimination game to the National League pennant and a trip to the World Series. First New York vs. Los Angeles and now New York vs. Chicago.  These are big city games.  We wait for tomorrow at Shea, or forget me Citi Field.

Last night the Mets were "amazin".   It was the first game of the playoffs that I attempted to watch and would have been the first full baseball game that had been watched here this year.  That did not exactly happen as the tension and the advertisements between innings broke my stride after 6 1/2 innings so Noah Syndergaard's seventh inning success in relief was missed.  Back by the eighth, I finished the game.

During the break, Michael Lewis's article on Tom Wolfe in the November 2015 Vanity Fair, "The White Stuff", took center stage in the computer room/reading room downstairs.  It was entertaining and  well worth the time.  Tom Wolfe was never a huge favorite here, but Lewis's take definitely heightened his appeal. As one takeaway, speaking about Wolfe's early life Lewis writes, "The notion of roaming the earth and groping toward a purpose in life now seems ridiculous to 22 year olds, but that's the notion Wolfe more or less embraced."  Interesting, that was "embraced" here in the the early 1970's, and don't tell our 22 year old daughter that what she is fully focused on these days is something "ridiculous".

The game was dramatic and full of tension for a Met's fan, no doubt contributing to the need here for a break.  The first five innings each had make or break moments for the Mets as the Dodgers had ample men on base.  Without his best fast ball, Jacob DeGrom managed to keep the Dodgers scoreless after giving up two runs in the first.  Daniel Murphy, the dedicated to Jesus man on the team, won the game on offense.  He was essentially it.  Jeurys Familia, a closer, pitched an exceptional last two innings retiring all batters.

It was a well played game, with the only hitch being an outburst by Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier in the Dodger's dugout, as for some unknown reason he began yelling at manager Don Mattingly in one of the middle innings.  It seemed to quietly upset the whole team as they tried to ignore him, did not look at him, when he walked up and down the dugout among them.  I doubt that he will be part of the team next year, especially if Mattingly stays.  The Mets manager, 66 year old Terry Collins, the oldest manager in baseball, is having the most successful coaching year of his long baseball life, and he seems to deserve the gratification that brings.

Here comes Chicago tomorrow, and game watching here may continue in fits and starts.  20 minutes from this house on the Long Island Railroad, a trip to Citi Field, the Met's home, would be a treat but looking around for scalpers, cash in hand, is not something that would be enjoyable.  It can't be done alone.  Oh, for those days of corporate tickets and clients to entertain, but on second thought the trade-off would not be worth it.  Done that.


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