Friday, September 25, 2015

Family visit

It may be pope day in New York City, but here our older daughter visited from far off Brooklyn. Could, as a parent, it be said that she has no idea how important this visit was.  She is smart and observant, but intuiting what we are thinking is unlikely.  Knowing what K is thinking is completely personal territory.

It was a joy to have her here for the evening.  She was with her caretaker from those years after her birth when both K and I were working demanding hours.  They keep in touch, and we had sponsored her as a citizen.  She is now a well known interior designer.  There was Indian food from a favorite restaurant and mostly just time to let conversation wander wherever it wanted.

Older daughter took one of the cars for the week, so she will be back on the next weekend as well. That will be an important time to discuss annoying subjects like assets and estates.  It is necessary.  It is welcome.


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