Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas presents

Now comes the thought of presents for Christmas,  Who to give them to and what to give.  It's already started, it seems, with the allocation of Thanksgiving to various folks.

Who are the reliable vendors.  Zingerman's of course, LL Bean maybe, Harry and David's for sure, Hale maybe, MOMA catalogue has been used too much in recent years so is now kaput.   A few local merchants will do anything that we choose, send to anyone, but what.  A&F is the only special stuff.

Danville, Chapel Hill, Austin,  Durham, Mt. Airy, Richmond,  Bangkok, Denver, Albuguerque, Los Angeles, Chicago, Naples, Aiken, LaGrange, Austin, Tampa, Arlington, Beaufort, Lyman, Greenpoint, Burlington, Richmond, D.C. , and all of these and more need cards.  It's time to start.

 More to come, or maybe not much will be done.


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