Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bloomberg time?

Recently there was talk that Michael Bloomberg was considering an independent run for the presidency, and his advisers were working on an analysis for him.  Aren't the results of the first two primaries leading to the exact situation that would cause Bloomberg to take a chance.

Trump or Cruz as nominees of the Republican Party and Bernie Sanders as the nominee of the Democratic Party is exactly the scenario that caused this speculation.  Bloomberg could spend $1 billion on a campaign and not miss it.  If one of those three were destined to be President, how could an effort by Bloomberg harm anything?  He is intelligent, experienced, and never has been either a dedicated Republican or Democrat.  He was highly successful as the mayor of New York, a tough city, for three terms.  While the odds would seem very long for him in much of the country now, if the established parties tore each other apart in the general election it is not impossible in 2016 for Bloomberg to have a chance.

Thus far in fact, almost anything seems possible in 2016.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Bloomberg ran in this scenario, he would most certainly hurt Sanders more than either Cruz or Trump. Despite the fact that almost all of Sanders' proposals exist only in his fantasy land mind, that may be a good thing as nothing he suggests could ever get through Congress if he were elected. The concern is that Sanders is a well meaning idealist while Cruz would be a destructive idealogue and is not a nice person at all. No one can know whether Trump would have any real interest in governing. Bloomberg would have a negative impact.

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