Saturday, June 04, 2016

Buying new stuff

It often does not seem to be the time to buy new things here.  Why not just use the old stuff.  There are, however, at times good reasons to make some purchases and there have been some here recently. The biggest was a new washer and dryer about two years ago.  It seemed like that kind of purchase was made at some sort of life changing event, like buying a new house, or moving.  In actuality, ours just were not working well after 16 years of constant use of  Mayfair items.  The new LG ones have many more features, like a water amount gauge that somehow measures just what one needs.  Want to wash just one pair of muddy jeans after an afternoon of planting flowers.  No problem, water will not be wasted.  Still, it seemed odd to be buying new ones while just staying in place.

Recently, three new Teflon skillets were bought online from Williams Sonoma.  The older ones worked fine but in recent years have been scratched by multiple users, some seemingly unaware that scrambling eggs in a Teflon skillet with a fork pressed down was not a good idea.  Two were needed replacements and one was a larger one that may not have been needed --- but I was shopping.  If time to do real cooking presents itself, this large skillet with a glass cover will be a good addition, if.

A new small toaster oven is on the way.  For the last two years, the one that we have had for a long time had a dial that is difficult to place in any definite position and one that is lost and requires a pair of pliers to set.  We use it for toast every morning and often at lunch to warm up sandwiches.  Just ignoring the problems was not necessary, and we look forward to the new one tomorrow.

Then there are jeans, which are almost exclusively the pants worn here.  Frayed cuffs, too much fade, and at times stains have been ignored.  They are just jeans.  But worn constantly it was becoming obvious that new ones would look much nicer and even feel better.  Four new pairs have been purchased online from Levis in recent months.  The same size has been worn for the last 20 years so the fit is fine.  They look good.  Did looking poor seem like a good idea?

Those are some examples of recent purchases that I have have finally had the minimal foresight to make.  Of course, some blunders have been made.  Just a few, but did we really need an iced coffee maker?  It was not expensive but was one more thing to put in the kitchen necessary, and is it worth the trouble.  I think not, and this will go down as a mistake and as summer begins we will know soon. Buying polo shirts from different brands online is next to impossible.  Despite measurements,  a large in one brand can be far to tight and in another far too long.  Mistakes have been made and at times ignored as sending the stuff back is more trouble than it is worth sometimes.

As we age our stuff ages, but it always seems like a surprise that we need more when we have so much.  Deliveries to the non-profit thrift store in a neighboring town need to be stepped up again.

Postscript:   Tonight the new 12 inch Teflon skillet with glass cover was used to cook two big pork chops.   Perfect.  The new iced coffee maker was put in a low cabinet to hide my mistake.


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