Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton's speaking style

Given that Hillary Clinton is running for President against a chronic and transparent liar, it can boggle the mind that polls show the race as being increasingly tight.  Whether Trump just makes things up like a pompous school boy, or simply does not know the facts is not important.  He feels free to say anything.   In addition, Trump does not explain policy choices, and seems to think that saying everything "will be great" should satisfy many of the American people.  That he seems to be right is troubling.

Could much of this be simply a matter of style.  During the convention one network had an interview with Cecile Richards, daughter of the late Ann Richards, who is a Democrat and a political activist of some renown.  The interview related to her strong support of Hillary Clinton, but of course reverted to a discussion about her famous mother, Ann's strong public speaking skills, and her sense of humor. In passing, Cecile said "and she never yelled".

That could be taken as message to Hillary, who continues to act as if she is a terrific public speaker. She is not and she should calm down.  She knows her facts and she knows her policy.  The public does not seem to want to see her more or less applaud herself.  She should make an effort to let the applause and the enthusiasm come to her, not from her.  That has been said here before, but when she finishes a speech after a "rousing" close, and then puts her hands up in the air like she has just kicked a field goal to win the Super Bowl, she is doing herself no favors.

Unfortunately, a sense of humor does not seem to be part of her DNA as a speaker.  Lightening up in other ways could be helpful if it is not forced.  Sometimes humor can show up when least expected if there is a more relaxed style.  


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