Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Student loans and Bernie Sanders

Last night a major factor in the youth movement for Sanders became clear.  In an interview, an early twenties type explained how Sanders would relieve his college debt.  In another a current college student said he would allow her to go to college for free.

So, youth vote for yourselves of course.  That is not the only issue.  Whether Sanders, Clinton, or Trump, there are a huge range of issues being voted on.

A young person who is a friend on mine is an Americorps  volunteer in Texas.  There were 78 of the volunteers in a class called "College Forward".  When in training they were asked how many had student loans to repay, and all but my friend raised their hands.  She was shocked.

One could say that there is no, absolutely no, resolute idealogical choice by many young people around Bernie's ideas, half hatched as they are.  It is a pure economic choice, one that was made as an agreement and they want to completely give up on.


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