Thursday, August 04, 2016

Books and books of photographs

During our early time together and during the years of our children growing up, we compiled many books of photographs.  There are at least 20 of them, probably more.  Many of them document a period of the children's lives, birthdays, holiday events, visits to and from friends and relatives, block parties, and the like, and for the most part those photos were of great interest at the time that they were developed, but, with notable exceptions, seem somewhat repetitive now.  The books that are of really great interest still are those from major trips.

Those before children to France, Istanbul, Greece, Portugal, and Italy are fascinating now.  We were so young and we were so pleased to be traveling, away from what at the time were rather monotonous mid level jobs in New York.  That would change, but we were both in the patiently or not so patiently "paying the dues" portion of our careers.  Still the jobs paid enough for exceptional if not luxurious travel.  That statement should be corrected.  In the early 1980's, the dollar in Greece, Turkey, and Portugal was strong.  I fully remember, after the first day in Crete, saying to K that we can go to any restaurant or hotel we want and order anything we want, even any bottle of wine.  That was a new feeling.

The travel trips with the children also have photos of events that otherwise almost had been forgotten, multiple trips to Europe, and three trips to Maui.  At one point, the older daughter complained that she had been to Paris more times than she had been to Disneyland.  Some of the best more recent, not so recent for sure, pictures come from a trip to Forte dei Marmi on the Tuscany coast in 2001.  Venice and Siena were also part of that journey.  After that trip and one to Paris and Cannes in 2002, the full family trips ended.  The teenage children were pulled in other directions and sometimes opportunities were missed or other responsibilities needed to be tended to.  A 2009 trip was taken to Paris with the younger one as she wanted to see the city with the eyes of one who would remember it. She had also turned into a photographer, and still is on her many travels as a young adult.

Will I look at one today, if I get the time?


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