Friday, September 30, 2016

Endorsements of Gary Johnson?

Newspapers or media outlets that endorse Gary Johnson are bailing out in a way that does not work at all.  Gary Johnson, at times, can hardly remember his own name.  That's a bad exaggeration from here, but not inappropriate.  This man is widely unread, the Sarah Palin of this election season.  Why would some major newspapers endorse him.  Because he is a him and wears jeans?

Obviously, it is because the two major candidates are unappealing to them.  How could Johnson possibly appeal to them?  Is it simply his Libertarian party connection.  One could guess not, as some of the newspaper endorsements come from constituencies that are not so strong on the values of that group.  The answer is that it is simply a protest vote that defaulted into Johnson.  If Weld were the presidential candidate, there might be a reason.  With Johnson, it is simple cynicism, or baby stomping feet.

If no candidate satisfies, these newspapers should simply state their opinions on the facts and say that they leave it up to the voters.  Is that unreasonable?


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