Thursday, September 22, 2016

Opportunists for Trump

There is a category of Trump supporter that goes beyond the routine.  They stand out in a way that is completely transparent.  They clearly don't mind the attention that they receive or the incredulity with which their statements are met.  They see a chance for something much bigger.

This comment is not focused on the campaign manager from nowhere, Corey Lewandowski, who has now been replaced.  With no experience, he did well by doing nothing.  It could be focused on Paul Manafort, but his aspiration may have been to do what he was doing, and he had achieved it just as he did in Ukraine.  He, too, is gone.  It is also not focused on Boris Epshteyn or Kellyanne Conway, two Trump publicists in the spotlight now who make little sense at all as blindly steadfast Trump supporters and apologists. They are making good money and getting tremendous exposure, but that is their accomplishment.

The "Opportunists for Trump" group has much bigger things in mind.  They are beginning to come out of the woodwork.  The prime one seen here is Steven Mnuchin, Trump's chief fundraiser.  With Yale, Skull and Bones, Goldman Sachs, and success as a Hollywood producer in his background, he startled most who knew him or even knew of him by signing on with Trump.  There is only one answer to this puzzle.  He sees an opportunity to be Secretary of the Treasury and he does not see Trump's quest for the Presidency as a lost cause.

A second example of this showed up today as Andrew Stein wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal today endorsing Trump.  Remember Andrew Stein?  He from a wealthy and connected family in New York that played a leading role in state and city Democratic politics for many years.  He was a constant attention seeker.  He went from job to job, serving in various New York elective offices from 1969 to 1994.  He once was Manhattan borough President, but he never made it to the top rungs of the ladder that were his obvious aspiration, or obsession.

With his career in politics seemingly over, and his Democratic network diminished, he now sees an opportunity.  Supporting Trump could lead to something, could lead to attention from the media again, and might put him in the second tier of the cabinet, assistant secretary of whatever, of anything, please.

Then we have Rudy Giuliani.  How he would like to be back in the news.  His supportive comments about Trump have been beyond the fringe.  He is embarrassing himself with his obsequiousness.  He is an obvious shill, and an outright liar.  Too bad for someone who years ago had some credibility despite his pompous self image, seen here on the 8th floor of the building worked in, back in his years as Mayor.  We must not forget the ultimate champion of this style, Chris Christie.  Christie, who had some mettle just a few years ago, does not seem to realize that he will get nothing for his fawning, while unfortunately Giuliani possibly could in the event of the unexpected.

Waiting for the next blatant opportunist could be a parlor game.  Who could make the best guess for the next one in line.


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