Sunday, September 04, 2016

U.S. Open tennis on television

Yesterday, we watched a few hours of the U.S. Open on television.  It was entertaining for the most part, completely engaging at times.

For many years I had disdained television in favor of seeing the event in person, or not at all.  Sure, on occasion for special semi-final or final matches we had tuned in, but for middle of the tournament matches almost never.  Since we live 20 minutes on the Long Island Railroad from the Tennis Center, we, meaning K, me, or at least one of the daughters, would go to some of the early rounds every year. When I lived in Manhattan, the 7 train was an easy ride there from mid-town.  At other times I was able to entertain clients there at corporate expense in some of the best seats in the stadium, and with available hospitality tents.

The entire scene each year was worthwhile.  The crowd, with so many from around the world in a good mood, the food venues, and even the shops were a diversion whenever one was needed   Even though I played tennis for many years, actively and somewhat competitively until my mid-fifties, just sitting and watching for hours, in person and certainly on television, was not my deal.

It was a pleasure to watch yesterday.  What was remembered as commercials at every changeover or any break in the action seems to no longer be the case.  ESPN stayed with the action most of the time, moving from one match to another.  When there was an infrequent commercial break, relative to the past, it was a bit longer but allowed time for any break needed, or a resupply of chips.

We will watch more as the tournament progresses.  It would still be better to be there, but that will not happen this year.


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