Thursday, October 20, 2016

Planned or prescient --- 2nd debate comments foreshadow last night's debate

At the end of the second presidential debate, an audience member asked if, in closing, the candidates could say one positive thing about the other.  The moderator asked Trump to reply first, he said nothing, so Clinton jumped in.  She said that Trump's children were able and devoted, and that reflected positively on Trump.  Trump, with time to think, then said the he admired the fact that Clinton "doesn't quit, doesn't give up, and is a fighter".

With Trump not willing last night to commit to accepting the results of the election, unprecedented for a candidate, these comments have added meaning.  Trump stated that there are millions of registered voters who should not have the right to vote.  The stooge Giuliani repeated before the debate that the Democrats control the inner cities where voter fraud is rife.  There is no basis in fact for either of these charges, but Trump persists with his "rigged election" statements.

He is, to be blunt, saying that he will not accept the election results if he does not win.  He is a litigation king in the real estate world and this is beginning to look like his fallback, more than just a face saving charade.  His comment about Clinton in the last debate was actually a comment about himself, the person that he admires the most.  Clinton's comment about his children reflects the possibility that they may be the only people able to rein their father in.  Ivanka and Chelsea are apparently good friends.

Trump is known for not playing by rules.  In business, his bullying and belligerence may work, and looking at his deals for tax abatement it seems that they do.  In the basic fundamentals of our democracy,  this is not acceptable.  He is threatening the American voters with an "elect me or else" statement, equivalent to saying "I will mess you up".


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