Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tonight, will Trump stay on script?

Trump is accustomed to making speeches or rants to large groups of people who are his followers. They are attuned to his every facial expression, attack on some group, uninhibited self-praise, and hyper-exaggeration, and they reward him with cheers, applause, and chants back.  He is energized in that situation and appears to love it.

He will certainly be tightly scripted in his speech to Congress tonight, but will he be able to stick with it. Can he retain his usual energy without total adoration.  Almost all Republicans will generally feel compelled to shower him with the usual partisan applause that exists for all Presidents in these events, and most of them will genuinely mean it.  In the Capital building, however, there could be times of silence as the audience awaits explanations of leadership and not examples of his bullyship("word" spelled as intended).

I guess it is required viewing.


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