Friday, April 07, 2017

Hillary Clinton starts talking again...

HRC is back at it.  It is easy to wish that she would stay away.

Her comments about why she lost the election have little merit, except the one about James Comey and the FBI's supposed ongoing investigation of her e-mails.  The point really is that her campaign should not have been so poorly run that she was at such a point of vulnerability.

Her campaign manager was a talented syncophant without a widespread network and she failed to campaign in key states like Michigan and Wisconsin that were taken for granted.  She could comment on that, but of course she did not.  Of course it's just human nature that she has no insight into her own destructive campaign style, as she went into every major rally or presentation holding up her hands and talking too loudly as if the crowd was there for her personally, as if she was some magnetic personality.  The crowds and voters were there for her policies and beliefs, not for her as a favorite person or her role as a compelling leader.  She never wanted to understand that, preferring to bask in the glory of the campaign role.  She apparently still does not understand how she was her own worst enemy in the campaign.

If she aspires to now to resurrect herself as a major spokesperson for the Democratic party, that is just a selfish move.  Back off.  Give others a chance.  This is the time for new Democrats that people can learn to recognize, and for others to take up the fight against Trump.  HRC, you have already lost to him.


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