Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Big storm just a mess

The storm here last night and into the morning crippled activity here for the day, but it was far smaller than forecast.  Snow was only around six to eight inches(the chairs on the back yard patio suggest just six), but the early morning ice and sleet storm had high winds and made the roads impassable.  A few cars are passing by now and if it were possible, I would have found an excuse to be out there testing the roads.  Our driveway and walkway plow guy came by and did a half ass job, so  he will come back later this afternoon as his father would require. He likes to stay in his giant Dodge Ram truck with plow and do nothing else while instructing a laborer to do some shoveling as quickly as possible.  By tomorrow late morning everything will be close to normal, even if still very cold for a day or two.

What was completely noticeable here was a day without newspapers, mail, new magazines, and new caretakers for Kathy.  We have a capable one that was stuck here, but the turnover provides new talk and different perspectives.  Newspapers can be seen online, but holding that NYT and WSJ newsprint, sorting through story to story is irreplaceable from this older perspective, especially on a day when it is most needed.

The preparation worked fine as we had food mapped out, more than needed to some extent but not by much since the icy roads meant we needed to offer food to the trapped caretaker, happily.  In a relative sense, all is well.  It gave us a chance to eat too much.


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