Saturday, April 08, 2017


Days here have a schedule surrounded by random territory.  Most nights at about this time or later the question is asked "what did I actually do today?"  To answer for today, why not do that here as an exercise for this site?  I will.

As almost always unless my body cries no, waking up somewhere around 7am is part of the plan, but as late as 7:30 can work. Slowly getting my act together and into my sweats, I headed downstairs to the kitchen to immediately have coffee, either cold in the fridge from yesterday or making a new pot. Today required fresh.  While that was brewing, glasses of orange juice and cold water were poured.  Muffins for everyone's breakfast, English, blueberry, cranberry orange, other, etc., were then cut up and readied for the toaster oven.  Then I sat at kitchen table with my coffee and a magazine for a blessed 15 or 20 minutes by myself with the coffee waking me.

Activity began as others arrived and I put one strip of bacon in the frying pan for tasty grease, muffins in the toaster oven on low, and cut up fruit for K, usually like today watermelon, cantalope and banana.  Today I had a bowl of watermelon as well.  The container purchased yesterday was huge.  Then eggs, today fried with my usual condiments, pepper, green tabasco sauce, and fennel pollen.  Anyone reading gets the idea...   breakfast is my responsibility and I take it seriously.

After breakfast the newspapers have arrived and I sat as always in the living room reading for at at least an hour, often more, with a note pad nearby as jotting down the day's requirements and chores as they came to me slowly.

At around 10am I went upstairs to wash, change, and watch the market or listen to public radio depending on the day.  On Saturdays it's radio.  Then back downstairs to the computer for email, favorite web sites, account management, etc. and before you know it, it was lunch preparation time. Portions of deli sandwiches from yesterday were warmed up and as well as Manhattan clam chowder for me and modest servings of cauliflour rice, macaroni salad and potato salad for K.  We talked a little and as always there was a magazine or part of the newspaper at my elbow.

All of the above could be said for almost every day unless there are doctor's appointments or visits.  It is a routine.

This afternoon I watched part of the Master's golf tournament in the den with K.  She has no interest other than me being with her(and her with me on my part) and as I sat with my feet up on the hassock and watched I was pulled into the tournament.  One of my life accomplishments is that the holes of Augusta are almost all familiar.  I never had a chance to play there but have watched the tournament for so many years, often with my father in his time, that the course is no stranger.  It was entertaining for awhile but I nodded off peacefully at some point.

Another meal beckoned.  Tonight we ordered takeout from an old favorite that does not deliver, but since we had capable help it was possible.  This was a big event, from a terrific but far from fancy Greek seafood restaurant in town.  K had broiled flounder cooked much better than diner style and I had a whole grilled bronzini to look up at me.  That was a big treat, using knife, fork, and hands to get at all of the meat and crispy skin.  With a grilled octopus appetizer, freshly baked pita, and freshly made hummus, plus green beans cooked with onion and tomatoes, we had an unusual feast.  It led to an extensive post meal sorting of the leftovers before help was able to take over.

Then as always, it was upstairs with K at around 7 to watch PBS newshour, and get back into the sweats.  She falls asleep shortly after 8 and the aide takes her to bed in what is now her room(with aide), formerly a large guest room.  I stayed in the large bedroom, moved to the sitting area and watched a somewhat silly film that was surprisingly entertaining for the first hour.  It was "War Dogs", totally new to me but it was a moderately successful film from 2016.  Often I snack on some Kirkland mixed nuts or some Utz ripple potato chips while watching television... healthy right?

After 10pm I came downstairs to the desktop where now I sit writing this post for diversion and getting to the point where falling asleep may not be difficult.  That's it.  Tenses are no doubt mixed up in this post but the day is almost over and it has been covered...

And tomorrow...


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