Friday, May 19, 2017

Dystrumpia seeks overseas attention

Perhaps Saudi Arabia will treat Donald Trump with the respect that he feels he deserves.  He absolutely will get gold plated treatment.  For a day or two he may not miss his palatial three stories at Trump Tower.  Middle Eastern culture suggests that extended pleasantries are necessary before any business, professional or personal.  Extended can mean days not hours.  Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia will be kowtows for him accompanied by pre-arranged accomplishments.

After that comes Israel where his serious attention will be required, serious people there.  He will be treated well and in a way that they think will be in their best interests, rightfully so.  Then on to Brussels with a NATO meeting.

At that point the reporters will begin to have their feast.  Trump spent the great majority of his primary and presidential campaigns always flying home after a day of campaigning.  Home was primarily 725 Fifth Avenue, and at times his Palm Beach compound.  Trump has limited diet preferences. He has limited and constant television preferences.  He could easily be going through habit withdrawal mid-trip.

In Brussels the security will be stifling.  Car attacks there and in Paris will be on the minds of security without question, but also on the minds of the public.  Trump will be engaged in supposed diplomacy with NATO members.  They will be attuned to his weaknesses. It will be awkward and Trump will be tired.  He has not needed Melania or his young son but he does need his own bed.

Then off to Sicily and, since presumably like most New Yorker's his one dietary necessity is Italian food, he may be revived.  Then again, the Group of 7 will not all be pushovers.  They will fake their for respect him and laugh behind his back.  They will not fold.

He will be overjoyed to return to his home and even be more focused on his dystrumpian vision for this country.  He will once again need his side tracked extreme nationalist Steve Bannon.  Reince Priebus will be fired in a week or two, an unwitting casualty of  Trump's misery abroad.

Just some thoughts...


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