Monday, May 08, 2017

Undisguised self dealing by Trumps and Kushners

It's as if they have no shame.  The only good thing that can be said of the self dealing for financial benefit coming from the White House is that it is transparent.  Today's NYT described a Kushner Companies road trip to Beijing and Shanghai to sell shares in a New Jersey real estate project that is building 1,500 luxury apartments in two Jersey City towers.  In the advertising, they have a picture of President Trump.  Much of the pitch details U.S visas that can be obtained for investments of $500,000 or more.  Coming out of the gate, they are using Jared's position for financial gain. Especially in China connections are viewed as crucial, and they are clearly touting them.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, George Packer was on a panel this week on Bill Maher's weekly show. They were discussing the Trump administration, and there was a suggestion by Maher and one of the panelists that at least Ivanka could be moderating the President's view.  The always balanced and insightful Packer rejected this thought in a polite way, saying that the pose by Ivanka and Jared is not consistent with their actions in the family businesses.  He suggested that they already are using their newfound influence for financial gain.  Packer noted that Ivanka could be "the H.R. Haldeman of the Trump administration".

The amazing thing about this is that they seem to have no idea that this could be seen as inappropriate and more importantly as demeaning to the Presidency and its integrity.  They don't care to know.


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