Saturday, July 29, 2017

McCain, and the Republican Health Care bill collapse

In fact, there were more than a handful of Republican senators other than Collins and Murkowski who had serious problems with the proposed health care bill but lacked the fortitude to cast a deciding vote.  Would anyone?  John McCain returned from his surgery and on the initial vote said yes to a continuation.  On the deciding vote despite "arm twisting by his peers, Vice President Mike Pence, and even President Trump could sway him"(NYT quote) and he voted no.  That did it.  Even Pence and Trump, Pence the mindless and Trump the malicious, couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

The big story is not the backbone and integrity of McCain, but that is one for the record books.  The real story is how spineless much of the Republican Congress is in the face of the bully Trump.  Who wants to risk the wrath of someone who has no limitation on what he might say about a fellow party member and who would clearly put at risk the state focused priorities of a member of Congress. Witness the attempt to intimidate Murkowski on the eve of the vote with threats from Trump's interior secretary about programs in her state.

Trump is projecting the demise of Obamacare as some of its programs collapse, and they will if there is no support of its funding.  Many Americans will be hurt while Trump will watch and gloat.


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