Thursday, November 30, 2017

"just a 41 year old mum from Bognor"

Donald Trump's tweet of anti-Islam videos received a negative response from British Prime Minister Theresa May.  The President of the United States responded on Twitter to Theresa May Scrivenor, self described as "just a 41 year old mum from Bognor."  That's a seaside town in the southwest of England.  His apparent urgent need to get his rebuke back to the Prime Minister resulted in the humorous, yes stupid, miscue.  The unfortunate part of this story is that what Trump did was not at all funny.

The videos came from a far right fringe political group in England called Britain First.  Using them, Trump has insulted Muslims in general and the intelligence of most thinking people around the world.  It is easy to imagine that many Trump supporters also cringe at his irresponsible behavior.  He is not a credible human being.  It goes without saying that he is a liability in the event of any real crisis, one of which will surely come during his time in office if he can't be removed.

How low can he go?  We don't know.  Does anyone really want to find out?  Sarah Huckabunk Sanders said that "the President wanted to elevate the conversation around terrorism."  Is that another joke?


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