Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Regional counterpoints of self promotion, Christie and Curran

In recent weeks the New York metropolitan area nightly news programs have broadcast advertisements sponsored by the State of New Jersey offering help for opioid addiction.  Worthy effort one could say, but these ads feature outgoing Governor Chris Christie front and center with of a group of grateful advocates and former addicts. These are in fact obvious ads for Christie as he leaves office with less than a 20% approval rating.

Christie was one of the many candidates in the Republican presidential primaries and debates last year.  He could be capable with the quips and polls indicated that he was more viable than some others.  When his star began to fade he became a pathetic lackey for Trump, cabinet post possibly on his mind.  He is still angling for something, but using state resources to promote himself is transparently obnoxious.

In Nassau County on metro Long Island, the long standing practice of having the County Executive's name prominently on all signs for public parks and facilities has been discontinued. Not satisfied with just patronage, nepotism, and kickbacks, the Republicans wanted serious name recognition.  Laura Curran, the new county executive who was an unlikely Democrat winner here, has decided to do away with that approach to signage.  It's a welcome change. 


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